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Customer Testimonials

West Saint Paul
Did a great job with the lowest price--Very Knowledgeable. Put a whole water system And a water purification drinking water system
Comments: First I rarely if ever Do I write a review --BUT I felt with his great work I had to. I interviewed several [over 5] Angie's list "A" recommended water treatment installers--Harry was the best and the most reasonable. He explained everything and did -great work.  I highly recommend him to all.  His prices where also Very Reasonable for great products.  Worked around my schedule great clean-up etc. If there was a "AAA" rating I would give it to him

Installed water filters.
Comments: Harry did a great job installing 2 water filters (under our sink and a carbon filter for the whole house) and now we have amazing quality water throughout the house. He is very honest, kind, and professional. I can finally rest assured the kids aren't bathing in water lurking with metals and chemicals!

Installed a water softener
Comments: Harry was able to schedule us quickly. He was showed up promptly and explained everything as he went along, which we appreciated.The price was better than some larger companies.Terrific service!

Brooklyn Park
Installed new water softener and whole house filter.
Comments: Harry came to evaluate our needs.  We had gotten his name from Angies.  He did not put any pressure on us to buy.  We opted for the whole house filter and new water softener.  He was able to accommodate our schedules.  He explained how everything worked and any future service that might be needed.  He cleaned everything up before he left.  We feel we got a good product and will call on him in the future.

Prior Lake
Installed a reverse osmosis drinking water system and performed extra plumbing to make our water system most efficient.
Comments: I researched water softener companies on A's List and Harry and his co. came up first.  I read all the reviews and decided to call him to get info and an estimate.  He came out and walked through the process...product, plumbing and options.  My first impressions of Harry were great!  He is professional, nice and very honest.  I decided that evening after his visit to use his product/services.  In less than a week I have a new RO system.  He made the process very easy, efficient and now I am enjoying great drinking water.  We are looking to upgrade our water softener in the future and I am sure to call Harry.

Removed and hauled away old water softener and installed a new, more efficient one.
Comments: I got bids from several companies for a water softener. Harry gave me a fair quote and clearly knew his product from experience, rather than as a salesrep. He came exactly when he said he would. He was polite, explained in detail what he had done and how to operate the softener, and left the area much cleaner than he found it. I would definitely use him again and refer my friends to him.

St. Paul
Installed a PureTap Water Softener, plumbed kitchen cold and outside faucets to hard water per our request, moved the main water shut-off valve to the correct place.
Comments: Harry was on time when he came to our home to do the water test and when he came to install the water softener.  He was very respectful of our home (removed his shoes, even in the basement) and left the area very clean after the job was done.  Since this was our first experience with a water softener he answered all of our questions and said we could call if we had any questions in the future.  He didn't pressure us into buying additional products.  There were no hidden costs - we were charged the price he quoted. Harry was friendly and did a great job.  We would recommend him to others.

We moved into a new home with an old water softener.  The house is in the country with well water and we were concerned that the water would be too hard for our new appliances.  Harry went out and tested the water for free, collected other info from us about our family size and typical water consumption, and quoted us a price for a new softener.   His price was much more reasonable than the "household name" companies in the same business.   The price he quoted me was exactly the price I paid at the end of the job.  The product he used was top notch and is working great.   PureTap would be the only company I would use again for the same type of service.
Comments: Fantastic experience.  Harry's service and price are unbeatable and the product is excellent.  He even did the little things like removing his shoes on our new carpet.  I was also impressed with his follow-up phone call a week later to make sure the softener was working well.  Again, can't speak highly enough of the experience from beginning to end.

St Louis Park
I've been in my home for two years; recently it appeared as though the water softener wasn't working.  I called Harry to ask if he would come out and a - determine if it was working or not and b - suggest next steps.  Harry took a look and determined it was not working and explained my options to me.  I agreed to purhcase a softner from him and within a week it was up and running!
Comments: Harry was great - I really appreciated that he made time to come out and take a look not knowing if he would even get the business.  In addition, he was on-time every time, did a great job of removing and cleaning the space for the new softener AND hooked it right up!
Harry also took the time to explain how the softener works, what to look for in the maintenance of the system and was a pretty darn good guy!
Thanks very much!!

Harry replaced our water softener.
Comments: Our water softener hadn't been working properly for over a month. I found Puretap and Harry Runge's listing on A's List and decided to contact him. I called and left a message on a Sunday afternoon assuming I would then get a call back come Monday or so. Harry called me Sunday evening! We discussed the problems and possible solutions. I thanked him for the information and told him I needed to talk it over with my wife. Harry told me he was going to be up for a while and said feel free to call back with any questions. About a half hour later I called Harry back and we made arrangements for him to install a new softener. He said he had time on the up coming Tuesday or Thursday. We went with Thursday at 11:00. On Thursday at about 10:40 Harry called and said he was a little ahead of schedule and asked if it was ok to come over, which he did. Harry removed and and installed the new softener including some pluming changes that had to be made, gave me instructions on using the new one, then hauled away the old softener. I am very happy with my experience using Harry and Puretap!

Installation of water softener. House did not have a water softener prior to this.
Comments: Harry came in to give me an estimate, as well as test the hardness of my water. He inspected the plumbing in the house and determined the best location to install the equipment and clearly explained why there was some plumbing work necessary with the installation as well as how that would be done. He explained the size of the water softener I would need and why, and did not suggest any extra equipment or work during our conversation. When I asked about a whole house water filter he clearly explained the process, cost and work needed if I chose to add one.
The installation went smothly. He arrived on time, was careful when carrying equipment through the house to the basement and did not waste time on the job. The plumbing work he did was well done, clean and professional. When he was done he took the time to show me how to properly work and maintain the system, answering all the question I had with clear, easy to understand answers.
I can't say enough about the professionalism and quality of the work done and Harry himself. I will happily refer him to anyone looking for water softener installations.

Eden Prairie
Installation of a new whole house water filter.  Minor plumbing work as needed for installation.
Comments: We had Harry come out the week prior to give us an estimate and determine if any extra work would need to be done on our house to install a whole house water filter.  Our utility room, particularly near the main water line, is rather crowded.  He came out and laid out some of our options, including an estimate of how much extra work would be needed for plumbing modifications.  We had some other companies come out and take a look as well, but Harry was the most complete with his answers and provided us with the most options for our money.
On the actual day of the installation, Harry was on-time and patient with my questions during the installation.  Usual installation is 1.5 - 2 hours.  Ours took closer to 3 hours due to the extra plumbing that was involved.  He walked me through the basics of the unit once it was installed and what to do if something went wrong with it.  Over the course of the first week of having the filter, we have noticed improvement in our water quality.  An excellent experience all around!

Changed filters in reverse osmosis system, checked to make sure that membrane filter was functioning properly and that our 20 year old water softener was softening the water.
Comments: My husband and I recently purchased a home, and we wanted to make sure that we were correctly maintaining our sediment filter and reverse osmosis system.  I had already ordered all of the new filters and we needed someone to replace the old filters with the new.  We called PureTap and I was able to schedule him for the next day.  He did a great job. I was definitely glad that I called him to change all of the filters because it was more complicated than I had expected.  He had quoted me $150 over the phone, and I appreciated that he also checked that our 20 year old water softener was functioning properly for no charge.  I will definitely call him back next year to for our yearly RO system checkup!

Replaced our water softener and installed a reverse osmosis system.
Comments: Our water softener was leaking so I called Harry to come check it out.  We determined a new softener was better than fixing our very old softener.  We also got a quote on a reverse osmosis system since we have a well.  Harry gave us a quote which we thought was fair but we wanted to get another quote anyway to compare prices.  We called another company and they quoted us almost exactly double what Harry quoted us.  Harry was professional, punctual, likable and not pushy or sales-y.  We are very happy with our new set up and the work that Harry did.  Stop looking and call Harry!

PureTap (Harry) replaced the water softener in our house. He took away the old water softener and installed the new, larger water softener based on our water usage and needs.
Comments: PureTap (Harry) was great from start to finish. I left a voice mail for PureTap and Harry returned my call later that morning. He asked several questions related to water usage such as # people in household, # of bathrooms, etc. Based on the answer to these questions, Harry determined the best size water softener for our needs and quoted a flate price for all work start to finish (no hidden fees whatsoever).

Harry was extremely professional and accomodating to my schedule. He arrived promptly on time and worked diligently removing the old softener and installing the new one. He also took the time to explain the details of the water softener and how it works. He showed me why my old softener was now useless (which we clearly felt in our water for quite some time) and how the new softener will make our water so much better and meet our needs. The softener he installed was quite a bit larger than our previous one, but he explained why this was the appropriate size for our household. In addition, our new water softener would save $$ on salt, soap, and keep the water soft regularly. (It is already proving it's value in savings). The softener softens on a demand based algorithm vs. a set day and time. This helps keep the water soft regularly, and reduces the amount of salt necessary.

We are extremely satisfied with the work Harry and PureTap did and would highly recommend to others.

St. Paul
Puretap came and tested our water.
Comments: Puretap tested our water then checked with an appliance company and checked with Saint Paul water to make sure our water was not the cause of deposites in our dish washer. The water tested ok and there was no charge. Puretape was extemely helpful and prompt.

Harry installed a water softener at my home.
Comments: Harry did a nice job for me. He came over and gave me a thorough estimate. He diagnosed some fairly complex plumbing issues that I needed to hire a plumber to address before we could install the water softener where I wanted to put it. I would say he went beyond my expectations in his efforts. After I got the plumbing issues addressed, I had Harry come back over and install the softener. I did some research on softeners and I think the product Harry installs is very high quality and should last a long time. The install went smoothly and I was happy with everything.

St. Paul
Description: I had a new purified drinking water system installed.
Comments: 3 years later, I am still thrilled that I invested in the Puretap drinking water system. The water is fantastic, I never buy bottled water...even for parties...I just fill pitchers and have plastic glasses(that I reuse)and Harry (the owner) keeps track when I need a new filter! I cannot say enough about the convenience of having really purified water! I never HAUL bottled water from the stores..so my back is happy too!!!!

Maple Grove
Description: Replaced our old water softener that was not working. He also moved some plumbing pipes in our utility room to allow for more headroom.
Comments: Harry came out within a day of our initial call to take a look at our old softener. He was punctual, professional, and personable. He tested our water and took a look at our old system (which was beyond repair). He gave us an estimate that day. After deciding to go with him, he was back to our house within days to install our new softening system. He placed the tanks where we wanted and even moved some of our plumbing pipes up to give us more space in our utility room. He answered all of our questions and was very clear about what he was going to do. He was very kind and patient with our small children. Our six year old was very interested with what was going on and Harry explained things as he went along. Harry even introduced our son to Jazz music, which he now loves. Before leaving he tested our water once again. He has since called us to check on how our system is working. We could not be more pleased. An overall great experience!

Description: We had a new water softener installed. Harry was very prompt and professional in the 2 repair visits, as well as the installation of the new water softener.
Comments: Harry came to check on our water softener because we didn't think it was working. He informed us we needed a new softener; ours was very old. His schedule was flexible, and he was able to install it within a few days.

Description: Installed a new water softener.
Comments: Very well. Came out to take a look at the water softener, diagnosed it as completely shot, picked up a new unit, and in less than 3 hours after my initial appointment had the new one installed.

St. Paul
Description: I had been told by national chain that I could not install a water softener because there is no drain in the room where water heater and water inlet are located. Harry had the idea to run a line through the finished ceiling, which worked perfectly. He ran the line and installed a water softener. (Approx. 1 week ago from time of this report.)
Comments: Everything went very well. I really enjoyed working with Harry. The first time I called, he came over the same day to evaluate and gave me an estimate at that time. I called back when we made the decision to go forward, and he was able to install two days later. He added an overflow valve due to our setup (no drain) and finished all work within a few hours. Overall, from first call to finish it happened very quickly, and I am thrilled with my new soft water! There were no problems, Harry was very professional and did a great install. Everything was neat and well done. He also helped to secure a heavy pipe in our basement that had potential to break. He was true to his original estimate, despite additional install of overflow valve. I would highly recommend this company - I had a very good experience and am so pleased with the results.

Description: Replaced water softener with new softener and iron removal system to treat our very rugged well water. Also installed a better reverse osmosis drinking water system under the kitchen sink to remove 3M's chemical legacy to our area groundwater.
Comments: The grit and iron in our well water destroyed the old softener after seventeen years, so we checked A's List and found Puretap. I called and got a quick visit and estimate, then made an appointment to have the work done the next week. Everything was on done on schedule and done well. We were left with good instructions on how to maintain the system. In addition to adding salt, we add a pint of Crystal Clear to a jug with soft water every four months to remove iron from the water. Puretap will return annually to service the reverse osmosis system (I was very absent minded about the old one) and to bring us more PureTap, check out the system, etc.

St. Louis Park
Description: Harry installed a reverse osmosis water filtering system in my MN condo.
Comments: It went so well that I asked him to supply the materials and find me a plumber to install another one in my Palm Springs condo.

Description: Harry replaced our 21 year-old water softener with a new one.
Comments: I called Puretap based on others' recommendations on A's List and was immediately impressed by Harry over the phone. He asked questions, explained why it was impractical to try to repair our old softener, recommended a unit and suggested I research it online to learn more about it. I did more research, called him back and asked a few questions, and made the decision to go with him. My call was on Friday; we set up the appointment for Monday and everything was taken care of. I liked his professional, friendly demeanor and appreciated his style!

Description: Initial installation of water softener 
Comments: I picked this contractor based on A's List scores and customer feedback. The owner was professional and courtious from the initial phone call and throughout the installation. He clearly explained everything he was doing and clearly explained operation and maintenance. I was very pleased overall.

Apple Valley
Description: We had our malfunctioning water softener removed and a new one installed.
Comments: Our 12-year-old water softener was leaving resin beads in the sink during the backwash cycle. I called the company that installed it. They made it sound like I had a major crisis on my hands and wanted to send someone out right away. They charged $90 for a service call that would be applied to a new water softener if the existing one couldn't be repaired. I didn't want to commit to buying a new one from them so I called a few other companies. The owner of one company gave me a sales pitch for a pricey softener with a lot of features. One plumber I called didn't do softeners and one who would do the job had some unresolved issues with the BBB. I joined A's List and liked what I read about Puretap Water Systems. Their website was informative and had reasonably priced softeners on it. When I called Harry from Puretap he told me how set the bypass feature on my softener so it wouldn't keep dumping resin beads in the plumbing. He came out and was very good at explaining what was wrong with the softener. It was not worth repairing and was also too small for our family's needs. Harry installed a softener for us a few days later. He was very pleasant, efficient and straightforward.

St. Paul
Description: Harry changed the filter on our reverse osmosis water filter.
Comments: Harry came out to install the new filters. He came at a time that was convenient for us and worked efficiently and quickly.

Description: Inspected old water softener and water and replaced it with PureTap water softener.
Comments: Our Surge brand water softener hadn't been checked in our 5 years since we'd moved in, and it seemed to be working insufficiently and cycling very frequently. After an inspection from Surge ($100, would be credited if we purchased a new unit from them) and recommendation to replace the unit for a new one, we contacted Harry at PureTap for a second opinion. He did a free inspection of the unit and the water, and also recommended a replacement. We were able to schedule a Saturday inspection within a week of calling. Depending on the model, the PureTap estimates were $400-450 cheaper than comparable Surge models. We went with the slightly larger unit. Got the installation within a week of the initial appointment and everything went smoothly. The price included all costs, including removal of the old units (both softener cylinder and salt bin). Harry R is down-to-earth and no-nonsense. Only minor quibble was not getting a written estimate, but it was resolved quickly by an e-mail request and response.

North Oaks
Description: Harry put in a new water softener in our home.
Comments: It was a great experience all the way around. Very good price compared to the other bids I received, by far the lowest. They were very helpful in explaining how the system works, what type of salt to use, just very good tips. The Harry was great, had very nice personality and easy to work with.

Description: Water softener wouldn't recycle and made a clicking noise.
Comments: It went well. Harry was prompt, quick and courteous. He answered all of my questions, explained the issue and had the needed parts to correct the problem. He also tested my water and set the system up to fit the specific situation.
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St. Louis Park
Description: Harry installed a reverse osmosis water filtering system in my MN condo.
Comments: It went so well that I asked him to supply the materials and find me a plumber to install another one in my Palm Springs condo.

Description: Replaced water softener controller, replaced a couple of hoses with better ones. Answered questions and explained the workings of the softener, what salt to use, and so on. Tested water for hardness.
Comments: I called Puretap (Harry) because my softener was growling. Harry arrived promptly and when he heard the noise, he guessed that probably the motor in the controller was failing. Since my controller was an older model of a type he regularly installs, he began to disassemble his new one with the intent to just replace the motor in my controller. However, he warned me that when he removed my old motor, we might find that the centering pin which holds the gear in correct position with respect to the other gears might be broken, in which case I would need a new controller as they don't make replacement pins (my older one had a plastic pin, the new ones now have a metal pin). Anyway, in fact the plastic pin in my old unit was broken, causing the gear to be out of position a bit, and the noise we were hearing was the motor trying to turn the gear while the gear itself was binding. So I needed a new controller. As it happened, my softener was actually still working, just making noise, which Harry verified by testing the hard and soft water to verify settings and to see if it had been working at all (all I knew for sure was that it used salt). I mentioned that I wondered about the hoses on my unit as they were scummy and kinked, and he offered to replace them with better hoses. I asked Harry many questions, having never had a water softener prior to living in this house. We talked about the plumbing, the settings, and what salt to use. I wondered if I needed a fancier controller that I'd seen in advertising but he explained that what I had is just right and nothing more was needed.

Description: Provide and install water softener and reverse osmosis system in Rosemount.
Comments: Excellent. I needed to find a company to install a softener and osmosis system in a new house, coordinating the work with closing on the property, and moving in. After searching through firms on A's List and many not on A's List; I was frustrated with a lack of responsiveness, abusive pricing for no benefit, and the general feeling I was not getting value for my money. Harry was the last one I called and he did everything right that everyone else had done wrong. Good price, excellent quality equipment, installed on a Saturday with short notice, and putting up with all my questions about the industry.

Description: Water Softener: New installation.
Comments: Purchase of new appliances informed decision to install a water softener. Left message to call - he returned call promptly. Harry completed site visit, confirmed installation location (small crowded utility closet) viable, provided estimate. Harry offered a Saturday installation due to my unaccomodating work schedule. Harry is the consummate professional. His work speaks for itself. He explained everything from installation to maintenance. All aspects of working with him was positive. I would be happy to use his services again. A really terrific individual.

Description: Installed a water softener and reverse osmosis water filtration for drinking water.
Comments: Harry was prompt, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. He met with us the same day that I originally called, and arranged installation a couple of days later. We had a small problem with the water softener (losing time), and he came out and replaced the timer the same day that I called. Harry will come out once a year to replace the filters on the drinking water system. We also met with Culligan, who were much more expensive and didn't even test our water.

Description: Harry removed my old ancient water softener and replaced with a new one. His price was very competitive.
Comments: I called him due to good refs. He was great. He was very helpful; no pressure. As a matter of fact, he discouraged me from getting a larger more expensive system because he said I didn't need it. He returned my call promptly and was able to deliver the next day. He finished in just a couple of hours and cleaned up after himself. He was very friendly and I'd recommend him.

Description: Mr. Runge replaced my failed water softener with a new one. He did all the necessary plumbing changes and hauled away my old softener, which was quite a job because it was half full of congealed salt pellets.
Comments: From my call on a Saturday, he was able to schedule my work for the following Tuesday at 8 AM. He arrived promptly and had all the materials he needed with him. He completed the work in about 3 hours and left everything very neat. He was very courteous and communicated well. I would definitely recommend PureTap to anyone who needs a water softener.

St. Paul

Description: He removed an old softener, installed a new softener and hauled away the old one.
Comments: It went great. He called a day ahead and asked if he could come that day due to the impending snow storm. Everything was installed in less than two hours and he called two days later and asked how it was working. I was very pleased.

Mendota Heights

St. Anthony Village

Description: Harry replaced and installed a new water softener in our house.
Comments: I found Harry's add in the bi-monthly Food Coop magazine. Harry showed up and explained how a water softener works and did not put any pressure on me to purchase his softener. I checked around and and he had a very competitive price. He showed up on time, had no problem with me watching him and asking questions. He cleaned up when he was finished and followed up a couple days later to make sure everything was working and to answer any questions I might have. Harry did excellent work installing my water softener and he is a true professional and very nice person.

Description: Harry installed a reverse osmosis drinking water system in our home.
Comments: He was very knowledgeable of the product and didn't try to sell us accessories we didn't need. He was on time for both of our appointments. The week after the system was installed, he followed up to make sure everything was working fine and to answer any questions we had. We would highly recommend Harry.

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